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Emergency Communication

CSUSB Emergency Information

This is the official CSUSB emergency notification center. When there is an emergency, please check the blue box above on this website for updates, which will be made frequently with instructions and information about any incidents, campus services or resources available to the CSUSB community. Updates are also pushed to the following:

  • CSUSB Alerts
  • Digital Signage: Campus marquee and TV monitors placed throughout campus


Update your Contact Information

CSUSBAlert Signup Form

CSUSBAlert is an emergency notification system capable of rapidly sending text, voice and email messages. University officials use CSUSBAlert to convey timely information – including urgent safety instructions – during an emergency or major situation affecting the campus. The quickest and most effective method to receive CSUSBAlert messages is via a text to your cellphone. To receive text messages from CSUSBAlert, review and update your contact information by visiting the CSUSBAlert Signup Form in myCoyote.

The university strongly recommends all faculty, staff and students regularly ensure their CSUSBAlert contact information is up-to-date in myCoyote. Most importantly, a text message number should be included for the cellphone individuals will carry while on campus.

Please note:
Some mobile carriers require recipients to “opt in” to receive automated text messages. When initially signing up for CSUSBAlert, be aware that you may receive a special text requiring action to confirm your desire to receive future CSUSBAlert messages.