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GAP Virtual Business Matchmaking & Education
Initiating and Expanding Business in Asia 10/21/21 Session

Smart Technology, Business Resilience & Opportunities

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Special guests included:

  • Jessica Lin, Dir., Taiwan Trade Center, Los Angeles + Q&A with Paul Smith, Economic Development Specialist, District International Trade Office, U.S. SBA OC/IE District Office
  • Eduardo Vargas, Regional Dir. Operations Sales, US West/Southwest with Morrison Express Corporation
  • Dr. Sepideh Alavi, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics
  • RJ Oriel, Corporate Development Lead, Talino Venture Labs
  • Ferdinand Soriano, CEO/Founder, Planet 63

Global Access Program May 6  

GAP Virtual Business Matchmaking & Education 5/6/21 Session

Imports/Exports: Korean Consumer Products & Business

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Special guests included:

  • Consul Sungsoo Son. Korean Consul and Customs Attaché in Los Angeles
  • Peter Seo, General Director and Michael Uhm, Director of Gyeongnam Representative Office in LA
  • Janet Burt, Foreign Direct Investment Advisor for Gyeongnam Province
  • Celina Lee, Manager for Gyeongnam Province Representative Office Los Angeles  - Food products from Miryang City >> Presentation
  • Mike Lee, Chief Medical Administrator for 360 Clinic – Healthcare product (Celltrion)
  • Esther Song , CEO of SNP Bio – Cosmetics
  • Christopher Lynch is a global business thought leader and founder of the International Business Accelerator (IBA)

Korean Consumer Profile

Global Access Program April 1

GAP Virtual Business Matchmaking & Education 4/1/21 Session

Trade & Exports: Connection to Logistics, E-commerce & Other Support Services in South Korea, Singapore & the Philippines

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Special guests included:

  • Megan Glassman, Community Manager and Event Coordinator, Shopify >> Presentation 
  • Eduardo Vargas, Regional Director Los Angeles, US Southwest & Mexico with Morrison Express Corp.
  • Sara K.G. Kalle. Group Head of Sales and part of the Group Leadership Team of Singapore Post Limited
  • Karlo Belloso, US Global Sales Manager for Morrison Express >> New trade lane between Tijuana – LAX and Tijuana – ASIA
  • Lua Kok Yong, Sales Director, Singapore for Morrison Express
  • John W. Dunlop, Founding Member, ITFGlobal Limited, IOM

Global Access Program Singapore March 4, 2021

GAP Virtual Business Matchmaking & Education 3/4/21 Session

Manufacturing (electronics/life sciences/medical technology) & business in Singapore 

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Special guests included:

  • Douglas Foo, President of Singapore Manufacturing Federation
  • Willy Koh, CEO of Racer Technology, Lead of Singapore Medtech Consortium, and member of Singapore Government Parliamentary Committee for Trade & industry panel of advisors
  • Philip Ong, CEO of SP Manufacturing (SPM) Group
  • Jessica Sim, head of business development for Key Point, a Singapore-based life science and electronics manufacturing company

GAP November 2020


GAP Virtual Business Matchmaking & Education 11/19/20 Session

Focus on agriculture and food/beverage products and services sectors

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Special guests included:

  • Bandhana Katoch, Director, Sustainability Practice, Larta Institute
  • Consul Sungsoo Son, Korean Consul and Customs Attaché in Los Angeles
  • Raquel Toquero-Choa l President and Founder of The Chocolate Chamber 
  • Yinghui Ang. GM of OctoRocket (Singapore)


GAP Oct 2021
GAP Virtual Business Matchmaking & Education 10/8/20 Session

Focus on fashion/beauty products/retail services in the Philippines

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Special guests included:

  • Jeannie Javelosa, Advocate-Thought Leader for culture, sustainability and gender; co-founder of ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle and GREAT Women
  • Mary Jane Tan-Ong. President & CEO of Elemie Naturals Inc, the makers of Pili Ani 
  • Rosalina Tan, founder of Pili Ani
  • Simarna Singh, Chief Sustainability and Impact Officer of Coco Veda, which specializes on producing coconut based products in the Philippines
  • Pearl Parmelee, Tita Pearl Brand
  • Cristina Espiritu, MyJeepneyStop
  • Carmela Diopol Lerner, Teal Botanicals

GAP September 2020

GAP Virtual Business Matchmaking & Education 9/10/20 Session

Focus on healthcare products, medical devices & life science technologies in South Korea, Singapore & the Philippines

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2019 Global Access Program Conference 

More than 70 attendees shared valuable trends and tips for success in business in China, South Korea, Philippines and India during the 2019 conference themed - Global Opportunities in a Sustainable Digital Economy: Focus on Asia. Check out the 2019 conference recording. Timings for each country are listed below so you do not have to view the video in its entirety if you are looking for specific information 

INDIA (0:10:17)
Kalyan Chakravarthy, Indian Administrative Service, Director General, Environment Protection Training and Research Institute >> Presentation
CHINA (0:28:52)
Pat Cassidy, Commercial Attaché in Asia, U.S. Department of Commerce, Commercial Service  >> Presentation 
JD Wang, CEO & President, reRUBBER  
SOUTH KOREA (1:01:44)
Anna Kang, Overseas Business Development Manager, Kinam Metal
Chunhwa Lee, Martillo Hydrokhan >> Presentation
SOUTH KOREA PT2 (1:34:56)
Jongdon Lee, Korean Consul (Economic Affairs) >> Presentation
Derek Waleko, Senior Investment Consultant, KOTRA LA
Dr. Josyline C. Javelosa, Philippine Agriculture Attache to the United States and the Americas
Dr. Cesar B. Chavez, Director of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority 
Opportunities from the American Perspective (RECORDING 2 0:25:00)
Cristina Espiritu, Senior Vice President, Globalview Advisors
Ferdinand Soriano, Founder, Planet 63 >> Presentation

Luncheon Keynote Speaker (RECORDING 2 1:11:00): Jim Gitney, CEO of Group50, CompTIA Blockchain Advisory Council Member, Thinaër Board of Advisers Member >> Blockchain Technology & International Trade