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Career in Foreign Service

A career in Foreign Service is filled with opportunities to travel the world, learn new languages, meet people from across the globe, and get acquainted with different cultures. Being a Commercial Officer with the Foreign Service means possessing critical duties that involve working closely with government officials as well as private organizations. Commercial Officers also spend most of their time on diplomatic missions overseas and working for the interests of the United States. Are you interested in international affairs and open to traveling the world? A career in Foreign Service might be perfect for you!

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Prospective Employers

Find out about the employers who offer jobs in your major. Click on your major to get the full list of the businesses, and get full description of those businesses - their addresses, phone numbers, number of employees, revenues, year founded, website, and other details. This is a great resource to start researching about prospective internships or employers.      

You should also consider looking for currently open internships and jobs  on HandshakeIndeed or LinkedIn.