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Comprehensive Exams

Chemistry 599/5990

Chemistry 599/5990 Guidelines: Chemistry Comprehensive Examinations Chemistry 599 (quarter catalog) or Chemistry 5990 (semester catalog) is a zero unit, credit/no credit class which is taken by students completing the comprehensive examinations (student wishing to earn a B.S. degree). Students who enroll must be within one year of graduating, and have senior status. Students will earn a grade of "incomplete" in CHEM 599/5990, until either the comprehensive exam is passed, or until three attempts have elapsed. Each individual exam is assigned a letter grade, A-F, based on predetermined criteria. A grade of "credit" is assigned to the CHEM 599/5990 course after the student passes the exam in 1-3 attempts; a grade of "no credit" is assigned should the student not pass after three attempts or one calendar year has passed. Exams may be repeated up to three times within that year.  Students will be enrolled in the Blackboard site for Chem 599/5990 when they register for the exam; Blackboard is where announcements are made, study guide provided, and grades are posted.

According to the University catalog, a student must earn a "B" average on the comprehensive examinations when graduating under the quarter catalog, in order to attain Department Honors (in addition to other stated requirements). Students may not take any comprehensive examination more than once for the purpose of improving a grade to earn Department Honors. Students graduating under semester catalog need to meet only the other criteria for Department Honors: completed independent research and achieved a 3.5+ GPA.