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Chemistry is an excellent choice of majors for students interested in pursuing careers in science fields such as chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, forensics, as well as the medical, dental and pharmacy fields. Our program offers a sense of belonging with friendly professors working with their doors open to students and research teams led by chemistry faculty.  The department is associated with the American Chemical Society (ACS), and membership can begin with joining the Student Affiliate Chapter on campus and progressing to full professional membership upon graduation. The Chemistry Department is well equipped with modern instrumentation and facilities. Our graduates are employed at firms in areas such as environmental analysis, health professions, industrial research and production, pharmacology, education and forensics, to name only a few.  

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Students should consult with their department adviser to determine which degree and program is best suited to their career objectives.  For further information, or to schedule an advising appointment contact the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at (909) 537-5318, or via email If you would like to visit our office, we are located in the Chemical Sciences Building, Room 204.