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BS Chemistry (Biochemistry Option)

The graduation plans provides a general outline for graduation from CSUSB with a BS Chemistry, Biochemistry Option Degree (under the quarter catalog), and BS Chemistry-Biochemistry Concentration Degree under the semester catalog. The semester catalog degree is certifiable by the American Chemical Society. The Chemistry Department requires annual mandatory advisement for all majors. Please contact the CSUSB Chem. Department at 909/537-5318 for an appointment with a faculty advisor who will work with you to design a specific graduation plan to meet your needs.

The 2 plans are for Community College Transfer Students transferring with up to 105  quarter units, or 70 semester units,  and with lower division General Education Transfer requirements, one year of general chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, one year of biology for majors, one year of calculus-based physics, and one year of calculus completed. For graduation, 180 quarter units (120 semester units) are required for a BS Degree, of which 60 quarter units (40 semester units) must be upper-division (300/3000 level or above). A maximum of 105 transferable quarter units (70 transferable semester units) of work can be applied toward the requirements for a degree.

Roadmap to degree: quarter catalog

Roadmap to degree: semester catalog

Bulletin entry for semester program