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BS (ACS) Chemistry


Listed here are plans to help you graduate with a BS in Chemistry (ACS-Certified) Degree (quarter catalog), or the BS, Chemistry: Chemistry Concentration Degree (semester catalog) in 2 & 4 years. Both degrees are certifiable by the American Chemical Society.  The graduation plans provides a general outline for graduation from CSUSB with a BS chemistry degree. The Chemistry Department requires annual mandatory advisement for all majors. Please contact the CSUSB Chem. Department at 909/537-5318 for an appointment with a faculty advisor who will work with you to design a specific graduation plan to meet your needs.

The 2 year plans are for community college transfer students transferring with 105 (maximum) quarter units (70 max semester units)  with the General Education Transfer Curriculum requirements, a year of general chemistry, lower division cell biology, a year of calculus-based physics courses completed. For graduation, 180 quarter units (120 semester units) are required for a BS degree of which 60 quarter units (40 semester units) must be upper-division (300/3000 level or above). A maximum of 105 transferable quarter units (70 transferable semester units) of work can be applied toward the requirements for a degree.