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in this historic campaign will enrich CSUSB’s legacy and its success will advance the leading role this institution plays in developing a larger, well-educated workforce and fostering an engaged and caring citizenry. We invite you to join us as we promote the importance of higher education and strengthen the communities we serve, making our region more resilient and sustainable for the future.

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$200 Million

For nearly 60 years, California State University, San Bernardino’s students, faculty and alumni have harnessed the power released by a CSUSB education to address challenges and implement positive changes in our region's education, business, health, technology, science, policy and the arts.

Today, we are poised for an exciting and unprecedented new era of growth and transformation.

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Make an


Enhance student success, diversity & experience through scholarships

Financial assistance encourages individuals to pursue their educational goals and increases academic access, helping to level the playing field and build a bigger educated workforce.

Attract & retain world-class faculty to enhance learning experiences

Faculty development, central to an engaged and robust learning environment, affords beneficial opportunities and career enrichment as well as promotes research, creative activities, and scholarship.

Improve & transform the region through programs & research

By expanding existing centers/schools and developing new ones, we can meet future community/societal needs, advance academic scope and knowledge, and graduate learned and experienced professionals.

Build innovative facilities, smart classrooms & creative spaces

Establishing new and improved facilities to further our educational mission and enhance the resources available to our students and the entire region.

Ellen and Stan Weisser

The Weissers show their dedication to advancing CSUSB by helping students succeed and making higher education a priority for all.

Stan and Ellen Weisser ’68 are longtime supporters of Cal State San Bernardino whose generous and invaluable gift was the seed donation for the new Performing Arts Center. Their gift led the university to name the center’s foyer the Ellen and Stan Weisser Performing Arts Foyer.

CSUSB broke ground on a new 73,337 square-foot Performing Arts Center on Sept. 7. The center will provide modern teaching, rehearsal and performance spaces necessary for a dynamic performing arts program and is scheduled to open during the 2024-25 academic year.

At completion, the new 500-seat performing arts theater will be the only one of its size and quality in the Inland Empire, and will allow more of the area’s community to experience the highly acclaimed productions from CSUSB student-performers and student-musicians. The building will also create a new “front door” to the campus that shows a modern and forward-looking face to visitors and the larger community.

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<a href="">CSUSB marketing major finds inspiration in family</a>

CSUSB marketing major finds inspiration in family

First-generation student Emmanuel Castaneda says his motivation stems from his family, providing him with the constant encouragement to keep going academically and personally...

<a href="">CSUSB's Tribute to Longtime Supporters Ellen and Stan Weisser</a>

CSUSB's Tribute to Longtime Supporters Ellen and Stan Weisser

Stan and Ellen Weisser ’68 are longtime supporters of Cal State San Bernardino whose generous and invaluable gift was the seed donation for the new Performing Arts Center...

<a href="">The Performing Arts at CSUSB</a>

The Performing Arts at CSUSB

The performing arts programs at CSUSB shape students into well-rounded individuals, giving them the artistic integrity and professional skillset to advance to successful futures in a wide-range of careers.


Contributors to the mural pose for a photo
May 4, 2023

‘Eternal Learning’ mural officially unveiled at CSUSB’s Watson College of Education

Designed, created and installed by students, “Eternal Learning” consists of 850 square feet of ceramic tile that depicts humans at work, study and play among larger-than-life books. The project took five years to make with the help of 20 CSUSB students.

Goldwater Scholarship awardee David Murillo at a lab
May 8, 2023

David Murillo has always enjoyed learning and gravitated toward the natural sciences, but it was an introduction to organic chemistry class that sparked his interest in chemistry.

Danielle Penn
May 3, 2023

Danielle Penn became interested in being a Panetta intern in her goal to become a lawyer and working in public policy.

Group of fourth-graders from last year's program
May 1, 2023

The Garcia Center for the Arts in downtown San Bernardino presents smARTshow, a conceptual art exhibit featuring fourth-grade work from students at Manuel A. Salinas Creative Arts Elementary School. An opening reception will be on Friday, May 5.