Accessible Technology

Become an Accessibility Ally on July 17th (PDC)

Register to become an Accessibility Ally and attend our workshop on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 at CSUSB's Palm Desert Campus. Please note, this event is for CSUSB faculty and staff exclusively and is not open to the public.

As an Ally you will learn:

  • Laws, policies, and procedures that pertain to accessibility
  • Accessibility best practices and techniques for documents, websites, and audio & video
  • Procedures to ensure accessibility prior to purchasing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Accessibility tools to help you author and check your work

Initiative Background

The Accessible Technology Initiative reflects the California State University's (CSU) commitment to provide access to information resources and technologies to individuals with disabilities. This commitment is articulated in Executive Order 1111 (EO 1111), the CSU Board of Trustees Policy on Disability Support and Accommodations. The initiative is comprised of facilitating improvements in three priority areas:

  1. Web,
  2. Instructional Materials,
  3. Procurement of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

As a result of this executive order and subsequent Academic Affairs coded memorandums, CSUSB formulated the ATI Steering Committee which is comprised of a student representative, faculty, staff, and managers to develop policies and procedures to bring the campus into compliance with the directives set forth in these communications.

Executive Order

EO 1111 - The California State University Board of Trustees Policy on Disability Support and Accommodations

Coded Memorandum: AA-2013-03

  • Amended Coded Memorandum: AA-2015-22 Implementation of this policy is guided by the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) as established in Coded Memo AA-2006-41 and revised in the following coded memos: AA-2007-04, AA-2007-13, AA-2008-21, AA-2009-19, AA-2010-13, AA-2011-21, and AA-2013-03. This coded memo supersedes all previously coded memos.