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Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Meet the Faculty and Staff of the Teacher Education & Foundations department of the James R. Watson & Judy Rodriguez Watson College of Education at CSUSB. Discover a diverse group of experienced professors and staff members who bring knowledge, expertise, and passion to their roles. Whether it's innovative research, effective teaching strategies, or impactful community engagement, our faculty and staff are committed to fostering excellence in teacher education and preparing the next generation of educators. Explore their profiles to learn more about their qualifications, research interests, and contributions to the field, and witness firsthand the exceptional team driving the success of our department.



Lasisi Ajayi
Department Chair/Professor | (909) 537-7603
Office: CE 266

Shani Sims

Shani Sims
Administrative Support Coordinator | (909) 537-3693
Office: CE 261

Bshara Alsheikh

Bshara Alsheikh
Administrative Support Coordinator | (909) 537-7605
Office: CE 261


Karen Escalante
Assistant Professor | (909) 537-7626
Office: CE 275


Jordan Fullam
Associate Professor | (909) 537-5607
Office: CE 245


Mark Groen
Professor | (909) 537-7625
Office: CE 271


Young Hwang
Professor | (909) 537-5672
Office: CE 361 

Tod Jennings

Todd Jennings
Professor | (909) 537-5655
Office: CE 253

Joseph Jesunathadas

Joseph Jesunathadas
Professor | (909) 537-5683
Office: CE 330


Jacqueline E. Romano
Assistant Professor | (909) 537-4302
Office: CE 247

Kurt Kowalski

Kurt Kowalski
Professor | (909) 537-5458
Office: CE 227

Enrique Murillo Jr

Enrique Murillo, Jr
Professor | (909) 537-5632
Office: CE 235

Golge Seferoglu

Golge Seferoglu
Associate Professor
(909) 537-5658
Office: CE 273

Xinying Yin

Xinying Yin
Associate Professor | (909) 537-5696
Office: CE 328

Becky Sumbera

Becky Sumbera
Assistant Dean/Associate Professor | (909) 537-4413
Office: CE 221B

Halil Tasova

Halil Tasova
Assistant Professor | (909) 537-4212
Office: CE 329

Nena Tórrez

Nena Tórrez
Professor | (909) 537-7321
Office: CE 267



Michael Verdi
Professor | (909) 537-7530
Office: CE 270

Dr. Jordi Solsona-Puig

Jordi Solsona-Puig
Assistant Professor | (909) 537-5531
Office: CE 277

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