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The Protection Package

The Protection Package


We believe that all students (and individuals!) should have easy access to barrier methods, as well as sexual and reproductive health information, so that they can make informed choices in their relationships. For the same reason, we have adopted The Protection Package, a student-designed program, to provide free safer sex supplies to students.

The Protection Package delivers on- and off-campus to make it easier for CSUSB students to access condoms and other safer sex supplies by removing cost, privacy, and embarrassment barriers. The Protection Package also provides important information about consent and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing resources.

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Available Supplies and How to Use Them

Safer sex supplies aren’t “one size fits all.” Supplies can come in a variety of sizes, materials, flavors, colors, and more. The Protection Package offers a selection of supplies to meet CSUSB students’ wants and needs. You’ll also find instructions on how to use these supplies.

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Need condoms ASAP?

Students can get free, discreet condom packs at Student Health Center (SHC). Visit the SHC located HC-101 between the SMSU North and Jack Brown Hall during business hours and ask a staff member for a discreet bag of supplies.