Health Promotion

Health Education and Promotion seeks to empower students to achieve optimal health and well-being by promoting intentional healthy lifestyles and encouraging students to make informed decisions about their health and wellness behaviors. We strive to create a campus culture that encourages and supports a healthy campus and learning environment.

For more information about Health Education and Promotion, please contact Albert Angelo, Senior Health Educator, at or (909) 537-3296.

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Peer Health Educators

Health Education and Promotion maintains an active Peer Health Educator (PHE) program. Our PHEs create, design, and present programs and education to our students. They are highly trained and vital to the well-being here at CSUSB. PHEs work under the supervision of the professional Health Education staff. Health Education and Promotion currently hire federal work-study eligible students and volunteers before the Fall Quarter.

Programs and Education

PHEs and professional Health Educators host on-going programs such as:

The Art of Wellbeing | A Moment of Mindfulness | Coyote FitBit Pack | Love Lab | Health Howl | Safe Spring Break | Pet Away Worries and Stress (PAWS) | Zagster

Programs and Education

PHEs and professional Health Educators host on-going programs such as:

Creative Coyotes | A Moment of Mindfulness | Coyote FitBit Pack | Hump Day | Health Howl | Safe Spring Break | Pet Away Worries and Stress (PAWS) | SMART RecoveryCoyote Fruit Stand

... and on-going workshops on 

  • Sexual Health
  • STIs
  • Contraception Options
  • Alcohol and Drug use
  • Smoking / Tobacco Cessation
  • Nutrition / Fitness
  • Mental Health
  • Self-Care
  • Coping with Stress

Individual Health Education

Albert Angelo, Senior Health Educator, or (909) 537-3296

Melissa Acuna, Health Educator, or (909) 537-3655

Judi Cruz, Health Educator, or (909) 537-7847

Melissa Acuna

Melissa Acuna is a Health Education Assistant at the Student Health Center. She received her bachelors and Masters in Public Health from CSUSB and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. Her main areas of focus are reproductive health and mental well-being. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, taking walks, and traveling. 

Rosamaria Lopez

Rosamaria Lopez is a Lead Peer Health Educator. She is currently in the social work program at CSUSB. After she finished the program, she aspires to continue pursuing her education to becomes a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at both the micro and macro levels. When she isn't at school studying, she is with her friends at Disneyland eating ice cream or attending concerts and festivals. 

Naranjo Larios

Jessica Naranjo Lead Peer Health Educator, and a second-year student in the Counseling and Guidance program at CSUSB. She wants to become a guidance counselor and work with first-generation college students. She is a PHE because she hopes to empower students to achieve overall wellness in life. Her favorite health education topics include mental health, self-care, and sexual health. In her free time, she likes reading and watching superhero TV shows/movies.

Jessica Martin

Jessica Martin is a Peer Health Educator at the Student Health Center. She is currently a 4th year and is a Nursing major. Jessica enjoys spreading awareness on multiple health topics including her favorite, sex education. Her passion for health has grown to be a Peer Health Educator and wants to apply these skills to her future nursing career. Whenever Jessica is not studying, she spends her time at Disneyland eating pineapple Dole Whip.

Kevon LeeKevon Lee is a Peer Health Educator and is currently a third-year Kinesiology major.  He is determined to be an occupational therapist because he wants to help people. Kevon is also the recruitment manager of Pan-African Stem Society at CSUSB and a member of California Youth Connection where he transforms the foster care system through legislative, policy, and practice change.  His favorite health topics are exercise and nutrition because he believes everyone should have a good balance of both.  Next time you see Kevon, please say hello.


Judi Cruz

Judi Cruz has been a Health Education Assistant in the Student Health Center for the past 10 years, providing Nutrition and Healthy Eating workshops and Art of Wellness activity programs and workshops.  She also serves as a campus trainer for Diversity and Inclusion workshops.  Judi is a CSUSB alumna, achieving her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Art in 2005 and her master’s in Educational Counseling and Guidance in 2008.

Isela Franco

Isela Franco is a Lead Peer Health Educator. She is a Health Science major with a concentration in Public Health Education and a minor in Sociology. She enjoys being a PHE to help students on campus be more aware and educated about health and wellness. For her future career, she hopes to continue educating communities about health.

 Marvin Macharia

Marvin Macharia is a senior undergraduate Biology major. He enjoys being a peer health educator because of the wonderful work environment and the opportunity that it provides to interact with fellow students. Initially, he was drawn to the topic of nutrition but in his time as a PHE, he has learned so much more, especially about self-care. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer. He is currently working on becoming the best person he can be.

Melissa Vides

Melissa Vides is a Public Health Education major. She chose this career path because she understands the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle. She hopes to be a college professor and to be able to help improve the health in underserved communities. Her favorite things to do in her free time are working out, dancing, and painting.

Pangia Yang

Pangia Yang is currently a nursing major at CSUSB. In the future, she wants to become an advanced public health nurse so that she can help people make healthy and educated choices about their physical, emotional, and mental health. Her favorite health education topics are those that are aimed at underserved populations and communities. She likes being a PHE because it gives her a space to help others understand important issues like self-care and safe sex. In her free time, she likes to explore new places, drink boba, and watch movies or Netflix.