Health Promotion

Health Promotion seeks to empower students to achieve optimal health and well-being by promoting intentional healthy lifestyles and encouraging students to make informed decisions about their health and wellness behaviors. We strive to create a campus culture which encourages and supports a healthy campus and learning environment.

For more information about Health Promotion, please contact Elizabeth Amezcua, Senior Health Educator, at or call:  (909) 537-3296.

Peer Health Educators

Health Promotion maintains an active Peer Health Educator (PHE) program. Our PHEs create, design, and present programs and education to our students. They are highly trained and vital to the well-being here at CSUSB. PHEs work under the supervision of the professional Health Education staff. Health Promotion currently hires federal work study eligable students and volunteers prior to the Fall Quarter. 


Programs and Education

PHEs and professional Health Educators host on-going programs such as:

Creative Coyotes | A Moment of Mindfulness | Coyote FitBit Pack | Hump Day | Health Howl | Safe Spring Break | Pet Away Worries and Stress (PAWS) | SMART RecoveryCoyote Fruit Stand

... and on-going workshops on 

  • Sexual Health
  • STIs
  • Contraception Options
  • Alcohol and Drug use
  • Smoking / Tobacco Cessation
  • Nurtition / Fitness
  • Mental Health
  • Self-Care
  • Coping with Stress

One on One Health Education

Elizabeth Amezcua, Senior Health Educator or (909) 537-3296

Ashley Spencer, Health Educator or (909) 537-3655

Judi Cruz, Health Educator or (909) 537-7847