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Health Education Workshops

Health Education Events

To support the physical and mental health of CSUSB students each semester, the Student Health Center's Department of Health Promotion offers health education presentations and events.   View our upcoming schedule for the Fall 2022 semester. 


Understanding the Impact of Sexual Violence FlyerUnderstanding the Impact of Sexual Violence

Date: Tuesday, October 4th

Time: 12pm - 1pm

Location: Zoom   

Attendees will gain knowledge regarding interpersonal trauma and the biology of trauma and healing, as well as identify the intersections of sexual violence, including rape culture, coercive control, consent versus cooperation, and the complexities of abuse.

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Safe Zone flyerSafe Zone Workshop

Date: Monday, October 17th

Time: 1pm - 3pm

Location: CGI-209

In this two-hour training, attendees will learn how to be a better LGBTQ+ ally by learning about LGBTQ+ identities,  gender, and sexuality and examine prejudice, assumptions, and privilege. 

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