CSUSB Alert: Power is out on the San Bernardino Campus

An unplanned regional power outage impacting the San Bernardino campus occurred shortly after 2 p.m; all operations will be closed the rest of today. Normal operations will resume Thursday.

Facilities Management will monitor the situation and respond to campus building issues once power is restored. 

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Peer Health Educators

Peer Health Educators

The Student Health Center’s Department of Health Promotion (DHP) maintains an active Peer Health Educator (PHE) program. PHEs are student employees encouraging wellness on campus. Our PHEs focus on Physical Health, Mental Health, Sexual Health & Relationships, and Alcohol & Other Drugs. PHEs provide accurate information and positive support to help students reduce their health risks and increase wellness. They encourage informed choices on various wellness issues, provide resources and referrals, and promote a fun, healthy, safe campus environment, and student lifestyle. Our PHEs assist the Department of Health Promotion and serve the CSUSB Campus through:

  •  Campus events and outreach
  •  Facilitating workshops
  •  Developing health materials and passive campaigns
  •  Serving as health advocates


For more information about the Peer Health Educator program, contact Melissa Acuna, Senior Health Educator, at melissa.acuna@csusb.edu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are PHEs?

Peer Health Educators (PHEs) inform the campus community about health and wellness. While PHEs encourage, endorse, and promote healthy norms and behaviors, they also challenge and confront unhealthy social norms and individual behaviors. The health topics PHEs focus on include physical, mental, sexual health/healthy relationships, and alcohol/tobacco/other drugs.

PHEs learn to lead presentations, conduct event outreach, create promotional marketing campaigns, and more!

Additionally, PHEs can take on leadership positions within the team, such as Lead Peer Health Educator.

What are the benefits of being a PHE?

Many of our PHEs already have a passion for health and wellness and join the program to learn more and gain experience in the field. Our PHEs gain valuable experience in health education, public speaking, event planning, and teamwork. PHEs also establish new connections on our campus. This program gives students the opportunity to:

Develop leadership skills.

Improve their communication and listening skills.

Gain a better understanding of health and wellness.

Improve their public speaking and outreach skills.

Give back to the campus community.

Connect with the SHC professional staff team and earn future letters of recommendation.

How can I become a PHE?

Recruitment begins at the end of the Spring semester. The application to apply will be available on Handshake. Interviews and mandatory training occur during the summer. If you have questions about creating a handshake account, please contact the Career Center.