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Standard Mail

Formerly Third-Class Bulk

  1. Departments can reduce the cost of their larger mailings by sending their mail under the University's Non-Profit Bulk Mail permit. To mail under the permit, there must be a minimum of 200 pieces of mail, all pieces must be identical and must bear the University's non-profit permit indicia on the upper right-hand corner. In addition all pieces must be printed matter, have the same weight and size and be pre-sorted into a specific zip code order.  
  2. The design of any printing on the face of the mailing must adhere to strict USPS format guidelines. The USPS may deny postage discounts or even reject the mailing if these guidelines are not observed. Since there are many guidelines, we suggest that you contact Mail Services at the beginning of your design process.  
  3. Standard mail is not designed for time-sensitive mailings. Mail pieces bearing the Non-Profit permit normally take from 3 to 7 days longer for delivery than first-class mail. If your mail piece contains time-sensitive material, it is suggested that you mail it at a first-class rate. Mailings containing over 3000 pieces should be turned over to an outside vendor for faster processing.  
  4. Bulk mailings are processed on a a first come, first served basis. All properly prepared bulk mailings will normally go out within 72 hours of receipt at Mail Services. There are certain times of the year that a delay may occur due to staffing concerns or periods of heavy mail activity. Processing times should be confirmed with the Mail Services Supervisor.  
  5. The University is authorized to only mail its own mail under its special Non-Profit bulk permit. The University may not delegate or lend the use of this permit to any other person or organization. The contents of the bulk mailing cannot contain symbols, trademarks, coupons or advertisements that provide a direct benefit to non-University persons or organizations.  
  6. Please call Mail Services at extension 75151 if you need assistance in preparing a bulk mailing. We will provide you with the necessary supplies and instructions for the proper preparation of a bulk mailing.  
  7. All bulk mailings must be accompanied with a bulk mail information card which is available from Mail Services.  
  8. Bulk mailings not bearing the proper indicia or that are not properly prepared will be returned to the sending department.