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Inter Campus Mail

Intra-campus mail is mail that originates on campus, relates to University business, and has an on-campus address and/or recipient for which it to be delivered.

We strongly encourage you to use intra-campus envelopes for on campus mail. When you use an intra-campus envelope be sure that the previous addresses are crossed out and that you use the next sequential address block on the envelope. If you are using stationery envelopes for intra-campus mail, please ensure that "CAMPUS MAIL" is printed prominently on the envelope where it can be seen.  Intra-campus envelopes may be available from Mail Services, for free, or purchased from an outside vendor.

Intra-campus mail can be a nonspecific flyer for general distribution or an item addressed to a specific individual or department within the University. Intra-campus mail of this nature, if not in an envelope, should at least be marked with the individual's name and department.

Mail Services sorts intra-campus mail by department, not by a person's name or building or room number. Failure to list the department name may result in a delay or misdirection. Personnel scan envelopes quickly to decide on a destination department. Envelopes with no department designation are automatically set aside for later research. The more clearly your department is identified, the less likely a mistake will be made in sorting.