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Inbound Mail

Mail from the U.S. Postal Service is picked up at the Post Office by Mail Services personnel every morning at 8:00 am and usually arrives on campus by 8:30am. It is immediately sorted for on-campus delivery. Mail is delivered to the campus departments between 10:30 am and 12:00 noon.

Because of the heavy volume of daily mail, faculty and staff members should only have official business communications sent to their University address. This includes letters, bills, packages, magazines, or other subscription mail. Whenever giving your campus address, it is imperative that you give your department name to the sender. This will make sorting faster and more accurate. Every effort is made to ensure that the mail is delivered to the correct department, but mail with an incomplete address may be delayed in distribution or returned to the sender.

Mail Services does not forward mail. If you receive mail for an individual who is no longer here, draw a diagonal line through the CSUSB address and list the forwarding address under the words: "Please Forward". If you do not have a forwarding address, draw a line through the CSUSB address and mark the envelope: "Refused-Return To Sender". Put these envelopes with your outgoing mail for pickup. Some judgment should be exercised in deciding what to forward. Routine University business correspondence belongs to the University and should not be forwarded.

If you receive misdirected mail, please return it in your outgoing mail.  Include a note indicating that the mail was misdirected. With a large volume of mail for an ever-changing campus community, there are bound to be errors from time to time. Your cooperation is essential and is greatly appreciated.