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Addressing For Success

  1. In order to increase the speed , efficiency, and accuracy of your mail, the USPS utilizes optical character readers (OCR's) and barcode sorters (BCS's). These computerized mail processing machines are located in post offices across the country and are programmed to 'read and sort' up to 36,000 pieces of mail per hour. To benefit from these high speed readers, your mail must be technically compatible.
  2. The Post Office considers mail that is the right size and shape to speed with ease through the equipment as technically compatible.
  3. Each piece of mail passes by the computer's scanner for a quick read of the delivery address. Then the OCR's printer sprays on a delivery point barcode for the address. Next, the mailpiece zooms on to one of the OCR's sorting channels reserved for the proper delivery area. From there, the barcoded mail is fed to BCS's for fast final separations, right down to the letter carriers who deliver it.
  4. The OCR is easily confused by sloppy handwriting, highly stylized characters, extraneous printing and incorrectly placed address information.