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Activity 2B

Activity 2B: Say-Mean-Matter

Say-Mean-Matter is a strategy that helps students identify what the text is saying, and make meaning of it by placing it in their own words. Further, students will identify how understanding the theme and diversity of their community is important.[1]
While visiting the exhibition, each student will select a passage that is particularly impactful, poignant, pithy, or otherwise that speaks to them. Students are asked to:

  • Identify the narrative by from which you selected the passage (Say)      
  • Paraphrase in your own words what that passage means. Reword the ideas, line by line (Mean)              
  • Express your understanding of the significance of the passage. What does it show? How are the ideas relevant? Why is this quote thought-provocative? (Matter)‚Äč
say, mean, matter activity


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