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Moment 2

Interacting With In|Dignity

In|Dignity includes 42 narratives (representing 43 individuals; one narrative features two individuals). Each narrative is approximately 800 words. Several lines from each narrative are bolded, representing central ideas or key take away messages. The narratives are printed in seven colors, six narratives in each color. These colors represent the themes in the original In|Dignity exhibition (see Appendix for additional information).
You might choose to ask groups of students to focus on panels of a particular color. You might also ask them to explore the exhibition individually, in pairs, in small groups (no more than four per group is recommended), in line with the concept cards (see below), or a variety of other configurations.
Please restrict students from using pens in the exhibition space (to reduce opportunities for vandalism).


ACTIVITY 2A - Chunking the Text

ACTIVITY 2B - Say - Mean - Matter

ACTIVITY 2C - Question Formulation Technique

ACTIVITY 2D - Concept Cards


MOMENT ONE - Preparing students for In|Dignity

MOMENT THREE - Extending In|Dignity