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Activity 1D

Activity 1D: Understanding Key Vocabulary

Choose one or more common buzzword related to diversity, inclusion, and equity:

  • Vocabulary Word Bank                
  • Criminal Justice                              
  • Discrimination                                  
  • Identity                    
  • Me Too      
  • Immigration                                  
  • Intersectionality                              
  • Microaggression                    
  • Stereotypes                                                     

Define the term through the lenses of the four disciplinary worlds in the C3 and California History-Social Science Framework:

  • What does the word look like historically? (What is the word’s etymology? How has that meaning changed over time?)
  • What is the geographical implication for the word? (Does the word look the same everywhere?)
  • What is the economic impact of the term? (i.e. What is the economic impact of discrimination?)
  • What is the civic impact of the term? (i.e. What civic action(s) have been taken in the name of discrimination?)
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* This activity pairs well with Activity 2.D

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