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Meet Our Team

In|Dignity began as a collaboration between two faculty members at Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB) — Arianna Huhn (Anthropology) and Annika Anderson (Sociology). The pair were inspired by current events, and aimed to harness the provocative power of storytelling to bring our community closer together.

CSUSB faculty members Thomas McGovern (Visual Art) and Kelly Campbell (Psychology) joined the In|Dignity team to help with photography and content development.

Additional faculty in the Department of Theatre Arts (Andre Harrington, Kathy Ervin, Jason Mann, Leslie Bryant) modified the content to present it as a performance piece. CSUSB Academic Technologies and Innovations staff provided technical support and developed multimedia content.

Over 400 CSUSB students helped with preparing In|Dignity, including students enrolled in ANTH 102 (fall 2016) and SOC 360 (winter 2017), who piloted interview questions. Lark Winner, Jackie Gervacio, and Ana Gonzalez served as student curators for In|Dignity. Tony Estrada and Wendy Fierro assisted with graphic design. Heather Roessler provided technical support.

Curriculum development for In|Dignity was coordinated by Barbara Lane (San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, ELA/ELD, History Curriculum Coordinator) with support from Liz Ramos (Alta Loma High School), Francine Bettger (Almeria Middle School), and the Region 10 Content, Literacy, Inquiry and Citizenship (CLIC) Program

In|Dignity would not be possible without our community volunteers — 43 residents of the Inland Empire, who shared their life histories with us for this project!