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In light of recent events, including historic achievements in the advance of civil liberties, coupled with reminders that inequalities and injustices persist, In|Dignity brings our community together to share personal stories of hurt, frustration, revelation, and hope.

The title – “In|Dignity” – is a double entendre, simultaneously reading as the single word “indignity” and two separate words, “in dignity.” These two meanings capture what the exhibition explores: experiences with oppression, discrimination, and prejudice, and simultaneously the pride and self-respect that we must have for ourselves and for others facing marginalization. 
The exhibition centers on the life experiences of Inland Empire community members, told in their own words and arranged into seven thematic sections. The narratives are brought to life through audio, personal mementos, and documentary photography.

Visitors can explore the exhibition on their own, or through our stock of evolving “concept cards,” which highlight several narratives in relation to a common topic.  It is the curators’ vision that engagement with personal stories of stigmatized and marginalized “others” will break down barriers of misunderstanding and self-defense, inspire empathy, and instill a pledge for personal and societal change.

This project was made possible with support from California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Additional financial support for In|Dignity was provided by the CSUSB students through their Instructionally Related Programs Fee, a CSUSB Office of Student Research Faculty/Student Grant, the CSUSB Office of Community Engagement Service Learning Fellowship and Community-Based Research Mini-Grant, a Mervyn M. Dymally African American Political and Economic Institute Research Grant, the CSBS Office of the Dean, and the University Diversity Committee.

Curators: Arianna Huhn and Annika Anderson; Assistant Curators: Lark Winner, Jackie Gervacio, and Ana Gonzalez; Photography: Tom McGovern; Audio Editing: James Trotter, Estefania Torres, Cory McCormick, Bryant Uribe, and Vaidehiba Rana; Concept Cards: Annika Anderson and Kelly Campbell; Logistics and Installation: Steven Huhn and Heather Roessler; Additional Assistance: Wendy Martinez, Valeria Velez Zaragoza, Kimberly-Anne Anacleto, and CSUSB students enrolled in Anth 102 (fall 2016) and Soc 360 (winter 2017).