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The study of humanity

Focus: The holistic study of the human experience, examining humans and their ancestors across time and space, with a focus on culture, behavior, and biology as intertwined and ever-changing.

Methods: Evidence is collected through talking to everyone (not just elites), excavations, anatomical analysis, comparison with other primates, and genetics. Research provides insight into how humans organize their lives, articulate their values, and make sense of the world around them, revealing what truly makes us human.

With a BA in Anthropology, many graduates find employment in fields that involve working with people, opportunities for
travel, and diverse job duties. You may be qualified for employment in positions such as community outreach or advocacy, public health, cultural resource management, and international relations, or in places such as museums, non-profits, schools, national parks, and government agencies. 

** Eclectic backgrounds and perspectives are appreciated and valued in anthropology. The major tends to attract broad-minded, curious, and adventurous students.

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The study of society

Focus: The influence of social relationships (gender, race, religion, class, etc.) and institutions (government, families, schools, etc.) on societal behaviors and social lives.

Methods: Structured surveys and data analysis are mainly used to examine society.

With a BA in Sociology, you may be qualified to work in human resources, urban planning, demographic research, public health, or corrections facilities, among other potential employers.

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The study of human mind and behavior

Focus: Study of the mind and of individuals’ social and emotional reactions, in order to get a better understanding of the causes and consequences of human behavior and problems.

Methods: Complex analytical models to predict human behavior as evidence of brain functionality

With a BA in Psychology, you may be qualified to work as a counselor or social worker, though this often requires additional schooling (MA, MSW, PhD). More common careers with a BA include those in media and advertising, human resources and communications, and business.

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Ethnic Studies

The study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity

Focus: The historical, political, economic and cultural events that have shaped ethnic communities in the United States.

Methods: Critical and interdisciplinary study of the major ethnic groups in the U.S. and indigenous peoples around the world. 

Students from all majors can benefit from an Ethnic Studies minor by studying diverse and dynamic expressions of race, culture, and ethnicity.

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