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Permission Slip

We recommend that teachers use an opt-out permission form for parents/guardians before beginning the In|Dignity curriculum.

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Suggested Permission Slip Text

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Your child’s classroom has been selected to participate in a new curriculum unit called “In|Dignity.” As a part of this program, your child may visit an on-campus exhibition and/or participate in classroom-based discussions and activities related to the exhibition.

In|Dignity presents the biographies of 43 Inland Empire community members, as collected and condensed by faculty and students at California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB). Each biography offers the story of one individual’s struggle with and triumph over being different.

This project is designed to support student learning outcomes set out by Common Core and History-Social Science Framework Guidelines, as well as state-mandated requirements for fair, accurate, inclusive, and respectful education (FAIR Education Act).
Additional goals of bringing this project to San Bernardino County Schools are: 1) to help increase awareness of the experiences of others in order to reduce bullying; and 2) to provide reassurance to students who face hardship that they are not alone in their struggles. Students may be asked to complete an anonymous survey following the curriculum unit, to help assess project impact.

In|Dignity addresses a range of topics, which may be uncomfortable and/or new for students. These topics pertain to experiences with substance abuse, racism, incarceration, religious difference and discrimination, physical abuse, sexual abuse, homelessness, disability, mental health struggles, immigration status, mixed ethnic heritage, speaking English as a second language, homophobia, gender identity, rural remoteness, and body dysphoria. Counselors will be available to assist with adverse reactions to the exhibit content.

InDignity will be on display at your child’s school _________________________________. You are encouraged to discuss the exhibit with your child following their attendance. For more information about InDignity, visit the In|Dignity website. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s participation, please contact
________________________________ at _________________________________________________.

​NO, my child may not participate in the In|Dignity curriculum.
Student Name _______________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Name ________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature _____________________________________      Date _____________
** If you give permission for your child to participate in the In|Dignity curriculum, you do not need to complete this form **