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BA in History - Pre-Credential Concentration

For those students who want to go on and become Social Science Single Subject Matter teachers, we offer the Pre-Credential concentration.  The goal of this concentration is to ensure that students are well prepared to teach history and social sciences in the K-12 classroom. 


Requirements for BA in History, Pre-Credential Concentration

Students need to take 18 units of core courses, along with 15 units chosen from five of the seven areas (Ancient, African, Asian, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern and United States history).  

Students need to also take an additional 21 units of specified content courses, which includes specific History, Geography, and Economics courses in order to fulfill the requirements.  

For information on specific degree requirements please visit Bachelor of Arts in History Bulletin.  


The Program Learning Outcomes are: 

PLO 1 – Demonstrate key historical literacy, including knowledge of key events and how change occurs over time in broad geographical and temporal areas

PLO 2 – Demonstrating research skills, including critical thinking and reading abilities, assessment and writing skills  

PLO 3 – Demonstrating communication skills, showing ability to organize and express their thoughts coherently