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Planning Your Certificate

Core Courses

The four core courses required to earn your Certificate in Museum Studies are generally offered every other year. The current projected scheduling is:

Winter 2017
Museum Management (ANTH 375 / HIST 375)

Fall 2017
Collections Management (ANTH 374 / HIST 374)

Winter 2018
Museum Curation (ANTH 378)

Spring 2018
Exhibition Development & Design (ANTH 376 / HIST 376)

Elective Courses

Elective courses are scheduled by individual departments. Please check with the departments that offer the elective courses you wish to take to ensure that they will be offered at a time that fits your schedule and allows you to graduate on time.

If you become aware of other course offerings relevant to museum studies, you may contact the Museum Studies Certificate Coordinator to request an elective substitution. Substitutions must be pre-approved in writing.


Internships require a minimum of 120 contact hours of service to the host institution. Credit and an institutional Memorandum of Understanding must be arranged through the Museum Studies Certificate Coordinator before the internship begins.

Your internship should only be undertaken after you have completed a minimum of two core Museum Studies Certificate courses.