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What is the history major?

Listen to the CSUSB Advising Podcast, What is a History Major?  In Episode 27 of the CSUSB Advising Podcast, Matt Markin chats with Dr. Tiffany Jones. What is the History major? What career opportunities are there? What resources does History have? Find out in this episode! 

What classes should I take this semester?  How do I ensure I am on track to graduate?

Your first stop for all course related questions should be the Mentor Advising Center (MAC)

MAC offers academic advising to undergraduate Social & Behavioral Science students in the following majors: Criminal Justice, Economics, History, Political Science, Social Sciences, and Sociology. It is located in faculty Office Building in room FO-145. Trained Mentor Advisors are prepared to help you select classes, plan a quarter schedule, and propose a long term Education Plan tailored to meet your needs.

You can reach the MAC at 909.537.5518 or by email at

More information about the advising center is available here: Advising 

Am I maximizing the opportunities available to me at the university? Am I on the right track to fulfill my career goals?  What should I do with my history degree?  

Students are encouraged to regularly meet with full-time faculty to ensure that they progress toward graduation as smoothly as possible, and also take advantage of various opportunities available on campus.  

Students can meet with faculty about any of the following:

  • declaring a history major or minor
  • deciding between concentrations or declaring a focus 
  • planning a course schedule for a particular semester
  • course substitutions
  • checking your progress towards completing the major/minor
  • CSET-waiver information
  • potential internship opportunities and career planning
  • participating in extracurricular activities such as history club/Phi Alpha Theta, history journal, study abroad, research positions, supplemental instruction opportunities, volunteer opportunities, scholarships etc.  
  • developing graduate study plans
  • getting in touch with other campus entities for help with problems
  • discussion about honors projects or independent study courses
  • assistance with applying to graduate programs.
  • career counseling
  • any other questions or issues you may have.

Note: Although students are assigned an advisor, they may consult with any faculty member of the department that they choose.  Students may also consult with professional advisors at the MAC/undergraduate studies.

Student Last Name Faculty Advisor Contact Info
A-B Dr. Cary Barber


C-D Dr. Diana Johnson


E-F (and CSET-waiver) Dr. Tiffany Jones


G-H Dr. Kate Liszka 


I-K Dr. Thomas Long

SB 327F

L-M Dr. Daisy Ocampo 

N-O Dr. Timothy Pytell


P-R Dr. Marc Robinson 



Dr. Richard Samuelson


T Dr. Pedro Santoni
U-Z Dr. David Yaghoubian


PDC Students Dr. Michael Karp


MA in History students

Dr. Jeremy Murray




Careers in History

Historians research and analyze the past through writing, teaching, and studying. Please visit the Careers in History webpage for detailed information on career choices available for history majors. 

Hints and Guide for Success

Students and faculty have put together a quick handout on "Things I Wish I Had Known" or "Hints for Success" for history students.  Students are encouraged to consult this guide which contains some practical suggestions for navigating the university and degree process.