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Communication Studies

Bienvenido a / Welcome to Comm Studies at CSUSB

Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies where you can study on topical, relevant, and career-ready degree programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Dynamic and growing, we have the largest number of undergraduate majors of any department in the College of Arts and Letters. Communication Studies creates opportunities for you in some of the fastest-growing, evolving and exciting fields.

We offer a B.A. in Communication Studies, with concentrations in Relational & Organizational Communication, Media Studies, Strategic Communication, and we also have a Specialized Concentration where you can work with faculty advisers to create an individualized curriculum of courses.

We also offer the M.A. in Communication Studies if you are returning to college to develop your career and enhance your research. You can specialize in a field of study of your choice, teach as a Graduate Teaching Associate, and get involved with other opportunities such as Coyote Radio, Coyote PR, the Coyote Chronicle Newspaper, and a whole host of film and video making as well as screenwriting opportunities.

Find out more by exploring this website and/or listen to Episode 39 of the CSUSB Academic Advising Podcast to hear from our faculty colleagues all about what we do!!!

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“Comm Studies ¿Qué es Esto?” explores questions that families of our students have about Communication Studies (dialogue and subtitles in Spanish & English).

Director/Producer: Assistant Professor Roberto S. Oregel, independent filmmaker writing, directing and producing documentaries for 18 years.

Executive Producer: Dr. Jess Block Nerren, who has 19+ years experience as president of her own public relations firm.