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Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication is the management function that identifies, establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the various publics on whom its success or failure depends. The discipline is a comprehensive communication concentration blending traditional and digital communication skills, that prepare our students for careers in the global workforce.

Please note: While this portion of the website is presently being updated to reflect our ongoing Q2S transformation, for more information on courses and requirements for this concentration, please visit the course bulletin.

Strategic Communication FAQ

Do I have to be a strong writer to be in the Strat. Comm. concentration?

Not every student starts as a strong writer but through practice, hard work and dedication, they will become stronger writers by taking the series of writing-focused classes in the Strat. Comm. concentration. If writing is a challenge for you, don’t let that deter you! We have wonderful resources on campus to help you including our Writing Center

I like Public Relations. Is Strategic Communication similar?

Yes! PR and Strategic communication are both important management functions in today’s workplace. We offer opportunities for students to study and practice PR and Strategic Communication at all levels in their studies.