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Intergenerational Forum

Hosted by communications students Carolina De La Herran, Ana Gonzales-Munoz, and Ruby Ramos, this podcast explores the differences and similarities found across two distinct generations. Recorded on the Palm Desert Campus, it features current students who work together to create a dialogue with the goal of understanding each other better.

Tune in to our online live broadcast at 12 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 5, and Sunday, Feb. 6 to listen or click to listen to the podcast here.


  • Listen to Coyote Radio on your phone with the CSUSB myCoyote app, on the website by clicking the "Listen Live" button or with any browser by entering
  • Submit your music: Calling all Inland Empire and SoCal musicians and bands! Interested in hearing your music on the Coyote Radio? Want to be heard in the IE and throughout the world? Shoot us two clean-language songs (WAV files), 10 fun facts about you or your band, and contact information to and get your music streaming worldwide! 
  • The Sustainability Show
    • Hosted by Dr. Breena Coates, Professor of Corporate and Organizational Strategy and Behavior in the CSUSB Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, this program educates, entertains and engages our worldwide listening audience with the many topics of sustainability. Dr. Coates invites various experts to give their views on the importance of sustainability.
    • Normally heard on Friday at 2 p.m., The Sustainability Show is on hiatus until further notice.
  • Let's Talk Relationships
    • This program is hosted by relationship expert, CSUSB Psychology Professor, Dr. Kelly Campbell and author, educator, and psychology researcher, Garo Green. Providing research-based information to help people make informed decisions about their relationships, LTR topics include intimate relations, sexless partnerships, couples finances, bullying, infidelity, dating in the modern world, friendship chemistry, breakups, sexual fetishes and more. If you have a question you would like answered, please email
    • Normally heard on Fridays at 12 noon, Let's Talk Relationships is on hiatus until further notice.

Get Involved 

  •  DJ Air Shifts: DJ slots consist of weekly two-hour air shifts. You'll get to go on the air, play music, provide commentary, do promotions and generally have a lot of fun on the radio! We accept students, interns, volunteers and any community members who want a radio show on Coyote Radio. To find out more about being an air talent on Coyoate Radio, stop by our facility in the Pfau Library Basement, Wedge side, Room 032.
  • Music: This team works to locate and identify local bands and program their music to be played on Coyote Radio. 
  • Production: Using Adobe Audition, you'll learn how to create DJ on-air promos, PSAs, commercial announcements, news stories, features and more! Knowing Adobe Audition will be a valuable and useful skill that will help find work after college!
  • Promotions: This team is on-site for campus activities tabling all over! It's a lot of fun and a great way to help us get the word out about Coyote Radio to our campus community.
  • Social Media: This team maintains the Coyote Radio Instagram, Twitter and Facebook social media sites. You'll also collaborate and support the music and production teams by sharing posts helping to spread the word.


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