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  • The Coyote Radio app is FREE and available in the iTunes store or, for those with Android devices, at Google Play.
  • Submit your music: Calling all Inland Empire and SoCal musicians and bands! Interested in hearing your music on the Coyote Radio? Want to be heard in the IE and throughout the world? Shoot us two clean-language songs (WAV files), 10 fun facts about you or your band, and contact information to and get your music streaming worldwide! 
  • The Sustainability Show
    • Hosted by Dr. Breena Coates, Professor of Corporate and Organizational Strategy and Behavior in the CSUSB Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, this program educates, entertains and engages our worldwide listening audience with the many topics of sustainability. Dr. Coates invites various experts to give their views on the importance of sustainability.
    • Normally heard on Friday at 2 p.m., The Sustainability Show is on hiatus until further notice due to the Covid-19 campus restrictions. We hope to be back soon.
  • Let's Talk Relationships
    • This program is hosted by relationship expert, CSUSB Psychology Professor, Dr. Kelly Campbell and author, educator, and psychology researcher, Garo Green. Providing research-based information to help people make informed decisions about their relationships, LTR topics include intimate relations, sexless partnerships, couples finances, bullying, infidelity, dating in the modern world, friendship chemistry, breakups, sexual fetishes and more. If you have a question you would like answered, please email
    • Normally heard on Fridays at 12 noon, Let's Talk Relationships is on hiatus until further notice due to the Covid-19 campus restrictions. We hope to be back soon.
  • Coyote Vibes
    • Created by our award-winning production coordinator and outgoing Coyote Radio student station manager, Julio Reyes, Coyote Vibes shines a light on the music that matters most to members of our CSUSB community. Featuring intimate, moving and genuine memories that define their lives, guests share what connects them to music and why it's important to them.
    • Normally heard on Friday afternoons at 5, Coyote Vibes is on hiatus due to the Covid-19 campus restrictions. Looking forward to "vibing" again with you soon!

Coyote Radio is Jammin' and Here to Support You!

As we all continue to monitor and meet established safety guidelines in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, our offices are still open and operating in a virtual format. And to help you “shelter in place” like a champ, Coyote Radio is continuing to pump out great music by Local Bands, 24/7!

You can reach us by phone at (909) 537-3486 or via email at We will respond as quickly as possible. Please keep a close watch for new announcements and updates. Many of them, as well as several resources, can be found on CSUSB’s dedicated COVID-19/Coronavirus Information web page.

We look forward to see everyone back on campus soon. Until then, keep listening, thank you and stay safe!

Get Involved 

  • COMM 243B, the Coyote Radio Practicum, is going VIRTUAL! That's right, it's a whole new world out here and we're taking it head on! This hands-on training course in radio production, performance, and management helps students use their skills and interests in developing expertise and experience in the operations and business of radio. Even online, this is not typical of a regular university experience, but rather is operated more like an internship. Students are trusted to work on their own, report to the professor and Station Manager, and maintain a particular amount of responsibility in their own education. Student staff members, including the Promotions Director, Production Director, Social Media Director, and Music Director. If unable to be enrolled in the class, Coyote Radio offers volunteer roles, internships, and paid positions. Get involved with the many programs we have within radio:
  • DJ Air Shifts: DJs are also on hiatus - TFN - in keeping with the Covid-19 restrictions. But when we get back to our studios, DJ slots consist of weekly two-hour air shifts. You'll get to go on the air, play music, provide commentary, do promotions and generally have a lot of fun on the radio!
  • Music: This team works to locate and identify local bands and program their music to be played on Coyote Radio. During the Covid-19 era, the music team will work on producing features - using your cell phones and social media, highlighting tons of new music that's been entered into the Coyote Radio rotation and help spread the word about Coyote Radio.
  • Production: We're developing a super cool screen sharing approach - via Zoom - as an introduction to digital audio production. Using Adobe Audition, you'll learn how to create DJ on-air promos, PSAs, commercial announcements, news stories, features and more! Knowing Adobe Audition will be a valuable and useful skill that will help find work after college!
  • Promotions: This team is also on hiatus due to Covid-19 but once campus activities start up again you will have an opportunity to be part of Coyote Radio promotional events and provide enthusiastic awareness at events and tabling all over campus! It's a lot of fun and a great way to help us get the word out about Coyote Radio to our campus community!
  • Social Media: This team maintains the Coyote Radio Instagram, Twitter and facebook social media sites. You'll also collaborate and support the music and production teams by sharing posts helping to spread the word.


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