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The Coyote Pack

Empowering the Community with our Voice

Reporting with Respect, Dignity, and Humanity

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Who we are:

The Coyote Pack is a collective of innovators, artists, and educators mentored by Dr. Conlisk-Gallegos. The club and project was first designed at CSUSB where students established a platform to voice and act towards the aftermath following the political circumstances undergone during the recent elections and post-inauguration. The students do this using a variety of media including social media outlets, journalism, radio, and video production.

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Dr. Liliana Conlisk-Gallegos, Advisor and Founder:

Dr. Gallegos is a person with a vision. She sees the possibilities when it comes to breaking barriers that divide people and helping all students see themselves positively through the media. Through countless hours of advising and mentoring, and through her work leading The Coyote Pack and to the Transcultural Commons Collective.

How can I join The Coyote Pack?

You can email for more information on how to join the Coyote Pack.