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Anticipated Questions

What exactly is critical information literacy, and how is it different from traditional information literacy?

Where/how can I learn about CIL in more depth?

Can I meet with a librarian to get help integrating these resources into my class?

  • Absolutely. Librarians can consult with you on the design of research assignments, recommend resources and search strategies for specific inquiries, and/or join discussion boards on Blackboard courses to anticipate/respond to students’ research questions related to assignments. If you would like to discuss a possible collaboration with a librarian, contact your liaison librarian.

Can a librarian come to my class and present this material?

  • In-class library instruction sessions are available for those working with sophomores, juniors, seniors, or graduate students. To request a session, complete a Library Instruction Request. Instructors teaching first-year students are encouraged to integrate Tutorial 1: Beginning Researchers into their course design and to explore the Instructor’s Corner or collaboration with an embedded librarian (see Library Instruction Options). We also offer a number of workshops specifically geared towards first-year students and have attendance verification slips available for those who wish to offer extra credit. Space is limited, so students must register on our workshop calendar.

How do I put a link to one of your tutorials on my Blackboard site?

  • Our Critical Information Literacy Lab is openly available and does not require a proxy url for student access. Thus, simply copy and paste whatever links you’d like and share with your students. Notice that our tutorials are composed of videos hosted on YouTube, so you can link directly to YouTube if you prefer.

Can you create a library guide for my assignment/class with some of these videos?

I think it would be great if you would add X, Y, and Z to the lab.

  • We appreciate your input! Complete our feedback form, and we’ll be in touch.

I honestly don’t have time to add CIL to my class; I have content to teach! Do you have any suggestions?

  • We understand that instruction time is precious, and our online tutorials are meant to support student learning either during or outside of class meetings. We recommend assigning the tutorial(s) as homework before class so you (or a visiting librarian) can answer any follow-up questions students might have. They are most effective when assigned as part of a scaffolded research assignment.