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What is "The Literature"?

This video explains what we mean by “The Literature” and explores how it is different from other types of information. This video also describes the role that attribution plays in scholarly conversations.

Student learning outcome(s)

  • Students distinguish between popular and scholarly information sources in order to select the sources whose purpose, authority, and audience are consistent with their information needs. SLO 3: Popular and Scholarly Sources
  • Students recognize the essential value of attribution in order to engage ethically and legally in scholarly conversations. SLO 5: Attribution

Direct link: What is “The Literature”? on YouTube


  • The Literature: The body of scholarly work in any given field.
  • Literature Review: A document that surveys scholarly information sources, such as articles, books, dissertations, and conference proceedings, relevant to a research topic.
  • Attribution: The act of giving credit to the author or creator of a work. Scholars typically use a particular citation style (APA, MLA, etc.) to attribute work to an author or creator.

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