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Intermediate Database Searching

This video demonstrates how to use truncation and phrase searching in the library’s databases.

Student learning outcome(s)

  • Students create and use effective search strategies in order to engage in exploratory, inquiry-based research processes. SLO 2: Effective Searching

Direct link: Phrase Searching and Truncation on YouTube


  • Database: A searchable and organized collection of electronic information. Library databases typically contain published sources or information about published sources.
  • Phrase Searching: A search strategy used to retrieve two or more words together and in a particular order. This is done by placing quotation marks around two or more terms. Example: “small business”
  • Truncation: A search strategy used to retrieve variations of a single term. This is done by replacing letters in words with wildcards. Example: wom?n, environ*
  • Wildcard: The symbol(s) a database uses to allow for truncation. Example: ?, *

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