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What's the Deep Web?

In this video, we explain the concept of the Deep Web and why it is necessary to use the library for college-level research.

Student learning outcome(s)

  • Students explore the economic and social implications of free and fee-based information access in order to critically analyze the information environment. SLO 1: Free vs. Fee-Based Information

Direct link: What’s the Deep Web? And why the library? on YouTube


  • Open web: The part of the world wide web that anyone with Internet can access for free. People usually use a search engine like Google to access content in the open web, such as weather reports.
  • Deep web: The part of the world wide web that is not freely available. Often, individuals, companies, or institutions pay for content in the deep web through subscriptions. The library pays for subscriptions to journals and databases that students and faculty use for research.

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