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Joining the team at ASI comes with great perks such as a flexible work schedule, academic benefits, development opportunities and building a network! ASI is committed to building leadership skills in these roles as you serve the students of Cal State University, San Bernardino. For more information about the application process for all positions, please contact 

ASI Elections TeamASI 2024 Elections

ASI's Student Government Elections happen every spring, in which the student body votes who takes ASI office for the next academic year. ASI is now recruiting for students to be part of the 2024 Elections Team! Students in these roles will work with campus partners to conduct a fair student government election in the Spring of 2024. Students who sit as Elections Chair or on the Elections Committee cannot run for office in the 2024 ASI Election.

2024 Elections Team Positions
 Name of Position Description Application
Elections Committee Member (Volunteer)

Members of the Elections Committee will ensure the fairness of the election by adhering to the Elections Policy & Procedures. Elections Committee members will work with campus partners and the ASI team to recruit for and market the 2024 ASI Elections cycle. Click Here to learn more!

Apply Here


Student Employment 

ASI has a wide range of student employee positions available that will help you develop skills in the areas of event planning, legislation, administration, content creation, media, budgeting, and more! Click the title of each position to see the job description, and see which one is the best fit for you!

Student Employment Positions (Paid)
Name of Position ASI Function Status Application
Program Specialist Productions Open Until Filled Apply Here

Board of Directors

ASI is governed by a Board of Directors (BoD) who represent the academic colleges and various student populations of California State University, San Bernardino. The students who sit on the Board meet regularly and advocate on issues affecting their constituents and higher education. Board members are offered semesterly incentives for their services in ASI. See what positions are available for the 2023-2024 academic year (click the title of the position for the job description). 

Board of Director Positions (Volunteer)
Name of Position Status Application
College of Education Representative (AY 2023-24) Open Until Filled Apply Here
Athletics Representative (AY 2023-24) Open Until Filled Apply Here
Housing Representative (AY 2023-24) Open Until Filled Apply Here
Student at Large (AY 2023-24) Open Until Filled Apply Here


ASI Committee Volunteer Opportunities 

ASI has volunteer opportunities available if you are interested in learning more about the corporation and about how your fees are used! Being part of ASI committees serve as great stepping stone into other leadership roles, and provide you with networking opportunities around campus. Each committee below is designed to operate through student leadership inside and outside of ASI.

Check out what each committee has to offer, and apply using the link below!

Apply for an ASI Committee

Committees Appointment Opportunities
Committee Name Description
Activities Committee The Activities Committee is charged with planning and approving special events on campus such as concerts, workshops, keynotes, and more! Members of this committee get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to plan an event. 
Elections Committee The Elections Committee conducts ASI's Student Government Elections in conformance with the ASI Bylaws and Policies. This committee is charged with facilitating a fair election process for candidates and students voting. 
Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews and prepares recommendations regarding the ASI annual budget, CAB funding, and helps allocate funds to the students of CSUSB. Members of this committee receive insight on how a budget operates. 

Palm Desert Campus (PDC) Advisory Committee The PDC Advisory Committee reviews and prepares recommendations on all matters regarding ASI at the Palm Desert Campus. This committee is also tasked with reviewing the PDC budget, and may assist with the planning of ASI events at the Palm Desert Campus. 
Lobby Corps The Lobby Corps team advocates on matters affecting higher education on a local and state level. The team learns about policy development and legislation, and trains with other CSU students at the California Higher Education Student Summit (CHESS) to organize lobby visits with government officials at the State Capitol. 
Sustainability Committee The Sustainability Committee works alongside campus partners to develop policies and efforts around sustainability. This committee works to educate and promote sustainable practices and dialogue to the students and community of CSUSB.