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Legislative Affairs

The Legislative Affairs team is responsible for the assessment, advocacy, and special projects of the corporation. The team includes professional and paraprofessional staff that are tasked to report on the advocacy efforts made by ASI and provide reports to necessary stakeholders. Staff members are involved in assessment projects, are in charge of the civic engagement portfolio, and work with other staff to ensure ASI is capturing real time data in meetings or through surveys.

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California State Government

The California State Government is comprised of 4 branches of government made of 40 senators (upper house), 80 assemblymembers (lower house), 7 State Supreme Court Justices, and 8 executive officers. 

(D) = Democratic Party | (R) = Republican Party | (I) = Independent Party

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United States Federal Government

The United States Federal Government is made up of 3 branches of government: the Executive Branch which is led by the President of the United States, the Judicial Branch which is comprised of a bicameral legislature of the Senate (100 members) and House of Representative (435 members), and the Judicial Branch which is home to the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court (9 justices).

(D) = Democratic Party | (R) = Republican Party | (I) = Independent Party

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