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Howl Squad: Volunteer and Committee Appointee Program 

WelcomeHowl Squad

The Associated Students, Inc. Howl Squad program allows students to become a part of the event planning and governance process without a full time commitment. This program is intended for students looking to get involved, grow their leadership skills and build a network during their time at CSUSB.

If you are interested in being a part of our events or are looking to represent your peers on campus wide committees we welcome you to explore your options down below and submit an application today. 

Information Packet (Download)

Volunteer Program Option

Our premier volunteer program allows students to be a part of the event planning and coordination process during the academic year. Students who join this program will be eligible to participate in year round events such as Late Night, Friendsgiving, Speaker Series, and CoyoteFest. Additionally, members will get access to volunteer and service opportunities provided by campus partners and community members. 

This option is intended for students who are wanting to expand their programming skills, learn more about events and get involved with the local community. 

Committee Appointee Program Option

Student representation on campus wide and ASI committees allows students to enhance and grow their leadership skills while advocating for the interest of the student body. Students interested in being a part of the decision making process can sign up to be considered for a committee appointment by the ASI President. Select our active committee list option down below to learn which committees are open. 

Benefits & Access

  • Professional development opportunities such as conference attendance at no cost and participation in exclusive skill building workshops.
  • Access to ASI marketing materials before their release to the general student body.
  • Exclusive ASI apparel for meetings and events. 

Eligibility & Requirements 

  • Must have and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Completed application for either program. 
  • Participate in a mandatory volunteer or committee training program.
  • Good student conduct record. 
  • Enrolled in at least a part time academic program at CSUSB.