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Mail Solicitation

Mail solicitation requests must be submitted to the Office of Philanthropic Giving (AD-139) for review and approval. Our office cannot provide you contact lists. You will have to request the data from University Advancement when submitting your initial request to send a solicitation. It is Advancement Service's discretion to approve or deny your contact list request. 

Annual Giving requires at least 3-4 weeks prior notice of mail solicitation requests. The requester must provide final content to be used and be received to AG no later than two weeks before the mailed date. This will allow office staff to review content, provide feedback and make recommendations to comply with the university's fundraising policy. 

  1. Complete and submit the electronic Annual Giving service request form.
  2. Complete and submit the electronic data request form through Advancement services:     
  3. Once University Advancement approves the mail solicitation, Advancement Services will contact Annual Giving for any other components accompanying your request, such as revising content, giving forms, and giving links.  
  4. Once reviewed and approved or declined, an Annual Giving staff member will contact the requester via email to provide details and request additional information, if needed.  

The approval of mail appeal dates will be based on the Annual Giving mail solicitation calendar in conjunction with other appeals and the scope of the mailing solicitation request.

If you'd like to schedule a meeting to review project details before submitting your request or have additional questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Susana Barbosa at