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Email Solicitation

All email solicitation requests must be submitted to the Annual Giving office with at least 5-6 weeks prior notice and final content to be received no later than two weeks before the release date. Your email request will include your desired content/graphics, the opportunity to personalize and segment audiences.

  1. Complete and submit the electronic Annual Giving service request form.
  2. Upon completing the form, please allow Annual Giving 5-10 business days to review your request.    
  3. Once reviewed and approved or declined, an Annual Giving staff member will contact the requestor via email to provide details and request additional information, if needed.   
  4. If approved, complete and submit the electronic data request form through Advancement services:  
  5. In addition to the Annual Giving request, you will have to submit a request to the Office of Strategic Communications to create the email template. Keep in mind that you must adhere to their job request guidelines when you request a template to be designed by OSC. Please remember to include in the request to have them transfer the template to GID3. OSC’s Service Request form:

The approval of email appeal dates will be based on the Annual Giving email solicitation calendar in conjunction with other e-appeals and the scope of the email solicitation request.

If you'd like to schedule a meeting to review project details before submitting your request or have additional questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Susana Barbosa at