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Delegation of Authority

DACS - Decentralized Access Control System

DACS is a paperless solution that interacts with a number of subsystems such as Travel Concur, Printing Services, Budget Management, and Property Management.  It is maintained in a decentralized manner by DACS administrators using approval provided by online forms. DACS replaces the need for campus signature cards and moves us along with electronic signatures for providing Delegation of Authority (DOA).

The system runs on Peoplesoft and inherits employee demographics as well as a chart of account information from existing solutions for HR and Finance.  Access to the system with various roles is managed through the campus identity management system, avoiding duplicate data entry and minimizing potential data divergence within systems.

As the system has been moved into full implementation, anyone with a Coyote ID can submit a DOA request through the DACS system. While Financial Services will continue to provide guidance and oversight, the ongoing support for maintaining the DACS system in accordance with established approval processes, resides with the various campus departments.


DACS Administrators

Khristine Barraza | x75039

Jacqueline Jegonia – Support and troubleshooting I x73215

Marlene Ambriz – Support and troubleshooting | x77195

Delegation of Authority Request and Approval

Request – A request can be submitted by any CSUSB staff member with access to Campus Solutions (CS) in People Soft.

Approval – A request can only be approved by the individual who oversees that department ID such as an MPP level Manager, Director, AVP, VP, or Department Chair.

Department Responsibility 

Each department is responsible for the following:

  • Submit DOA requests 
  • Update DOA requests
  • Delete/Remove DOA according to changes within the department, college, or division.
How to Submit a Request 

Please download the DACS - User Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to submit your request.


Background – Delegation of Authority (DOA)

In order to promote greater economy and efficiency, the legislature has delegated authority concerning certain activities, such as purchasing and contracting, and real and personal property to the California State University (CSU). The CSU Board of Trustees further delegates such authority to campus presidents and/or designees pursuant to Executive Order 1000. Accountability for the management of the property, assets, financial and human resources of the University ultimately rests with the President who expects those with signature authority to safeguard University resources by establishing and maintaining sound business controls that deter and detect any potential misuse of resources. 


What is DACS?

DACS (Decentralized Access Control System) is a solution intended to manage the Delegation of Authority (DOA) for the following Financial and Administrative functions: Budget Management, Property Management, Printing Services, and Travel Approval. This system, developed by CSU San Bernardino, effectively replaces the use of Signature Authorization forms.

Benefits of DACS
  • Paperless solution (PeopleSoft) 
  • Decentralized maintenance
  • Single repository accessible by all authorized users
  • Seamless interface for systems (example: Travel Concur)
  • Audit trail for changes
What information is included in DACS?

DACS is comprised of tables that contain employee and financial information associated with delegation of authority:

  • Administrative and Finance functions
  • Alternate supervisor (Concur)
  • Chartfield information (includes division)
  • Employee information (inherited from other PS modules)
Who is an Approver?

An approver is an MPP/Department Chair who is authorized to approve requests for Travel, Printing Services, Budget Management, and Property Management.

Who is a Preparer?

A preparer is typically an administrative support staff member who can submit Budget Management requests and/or has been assigned to be a Department Property Custodian.

Who can submit a request?

Any staff member may submit a request.  The DACS system is accessible through MyCoyote> Administrative Systems> PS Campus Solutions (CS). See pg.6 of DACS user guide. 

What is an Approver Delegation of Authority Request?
  • Used to grant an MPP/Department Chair authorization for Budget Management, Property Management, Printing Services, and Travel Approval.  Please note ONLY MPP/Department Chair can approve for Budget Management, Property Management, and Travel Approval.
  • Used to grant a staff member, such as an analyst or admin support, authorization for Printing Services only.
What is a Preparer Delegation of Authority Request?
  • Used to grant a staff member authorization to submit a request for Budget Management.
  • Used to assign a staff member as a Department Property Custodian.
Thank you

Thank you to the following campus partners from each college and division who helped implement the DACS system:

  • Davina Menchaca, Advancement
  • Monica Alejandre, Advancement
  • Mary Christine Ulatan Robles, Student Affairs
  • Jessica Watkins, Education
  • Tina Valencia, Natural Sciences
  • Michelle Fuller, Arts, and Letters
  • Jenna Aguirre, Academic Affairs
  • Lee De León, Business and Public Administration
  • Neena Prado, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Ericka Saucedo, Library
  • Gabby Guzman, Information Technology Services
  • Renee Smith, Extended Learning

We would also like to thank the administrative computing and Business Intelligence team for their technical expertise and hard work to develop the database, Finance & Administrative Services team members for leading the business process mapping and providing project management support and their work in developing as well as validating business process for this endeavor.