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Campus Fee Advisory Committee

Campus Fee Advisory Committee Charge

The Committee considers proposals for the establishment and adjustment of Category II or Category III fees and provides recommendations to the President. The President consults as appropriate with the ASI Board of Directors and the Faculty Senate concerning these recommendations.

In accordance with Executive Order 1102, adjusting or establishing a Category II fee normally requires a student referendum.

  • For a specific Category II fee proposal, the Committee recommends to the President and the President determines whether a referendum is the best method of consultation or if an alternative method will better suit the campus. (State law requires a referendum for certain types of Category II fees.)
  • If it is determined that a referendum is required, the Committee follows established campus guidelines for participating in the conduct of the referendum in accordance with Executive Order 1102. The referendum shall be conducted by the campus or by the student body association.

The Committee reviews the annual fee report provided by the Accounting Office.
The Committee reviews and approves meeting minutes and annually reviews appropriate policies and forms.
The Accounting Office provides staff support to assist with the preparation of agendas, minutes, and dissemination of information.
CFAC responsibilities include other duties as required by Executive Order 1102 or as assigned by the campus.

CFAC Overview Presentation

Policy on Guidelines for Implementation of Campus Fees

How to Submit a Fee Proposal

2023-2024 Committee Members:

  1. Faculty Senate Chair or designee: Claudia Davis, Co-Chair
  2. Faculty Senate EPRC Rep: Jordan Fullam 
  3. University Advancement: Antonio Guijarro-Ledezma
  4. Student Affairs Rep: Daria Graham
  5. Finance, Technology & Operations Rep: Maria Badulis
  6. Finance, Technology & Operations, ITS Rep:  Heather Hopkins
  7. Academic Affairs Rep: Patrick Bungard
  8. PDC Rep: Avi Rodriguez
  9. ASI President or Designee: Carson FajardoCo-Chair
  10. ASI Undergrad: Autumn Hudson
  11. ASI Undergrad: Kya Sauls
  12. ASI Undergrad: Damaris Preciado
  13. ASI Undergrad: Sri Alapati
  14. ASI Undergrad (PDC): Diego Rendon
  15. ASI Graduate: Ramtin Ranjpour