Hospitality Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on April 16, 2001
Approved By: President Karnig on April 16, 2001
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on June 02, 2014
Approved By: President Morales on June 02, 2014

Source / Authority

For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Associate Vice President of Finance, 909/537-5129


The Integrated CSU Administrative Manual, ICUAM 1301.00Hospitality, Payment or Reimbursement of Expenses, authorizes the use of university funds to pay for hospitality expenses that are consistent with the mission and fiduciary responsibilities of the university. ICSUAM 1301.00 is a system wide policy that applies to all campuses and is the basis for the campus "Hospitality Policy."


The campus Hospitality Policy applies to activities that promote the university to the public and the provision of hospitality in connection with official university business and outlines how university funds may be used for such purposes.

Requests for purchase orders to vendors or reimbursements must be submitted using the CSUSB Hospitality Expense Approval Form and approved by designated official with oversight for the requestors unit, in accordance with ICSUAM 1301.00. 



It is the intent of the California State University, San Bernardino to follow the CSU policy on hospitality ICSUAM 1301.00 as its policy and supplement with campus procedure as required by the policy.