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How to Submit a Fee Proposal

The process is based on the fee category. Please see Executive Order 1102 (supersedes Executive Order 1054).

For additional information, please view the Instructions to submit a Category III, Materials & Services, Course Fee. Copies to the Associate Provost, Director of Accounting, and the Campus Fee Advisory Committee will be made and distributed by the Office of Academic Scheduling & Curriculum. For questions regarding this process please contact Patrick Bungard at ext. 77771 or via email to

  • Category IV, Fees other than Category II or III (Non-coursework materials, services, penalty, or use of service fees)

  • Category V, Self Support Fees (Only CEL, Parking, Housing, One Card or Student Health Services)

    • If you have a new, or an adjustment to an existing fee, in Category IV and/or V, you will need to complete the following documents: 

For Fee Category Definitions and more information, see Executive Order 1102.

NOTEThe establishment of new fees and changes to existing fees must be approved either by the Campus Fee Advisory Committee or the President before assessing or collecting any new or increases to fees.  Student Financial Services Office will not activate fees in the Student Finance System and General Accounting will not set up new Trust Funds without receiving signed approvals.

Please contact Maria Badulis at ext. 73153 or email, if you have questions regarding the fee proposal process.