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During the temporary physical closure of RAFFMA due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we bring to you RAFFMA @ Home!
The museum staff is working diligently to still create relevant and meaningful cultural experiences. Below you will find enriching content to
Listen, Watch, Learn and Browse.


Take a visual audio tour of RAFFMA’s current and permanent exhibitions. The tours are an in-depth walk-through of the exhibition by the Curator/Artist.

  • Endomorphism by David B. Jang
  • Golden West? Jan Sawka's California Dream
  • Journey to the Beyond – showcasing RAFFMA’s permanent Egyptian collection

Exhibition Archive - plus more coming soon....

  • Dark Event White Horizon (2018)
  • Not Ready to Make Nice: Guerrilla Girls in the Artworld and Beyond (2016)
  • Enduring in Vision & Linked in Tradition: Selected Works by Four Generations of African American Women Artists (2017)
  • Volcanoes, Riots, Wrecks, Nudes and Mythology: The Art of Edward Hagedorn (2017)
  • All Too Human - The Art of Mark Strickland.

The Little Gallery of San Bernardino
Take a listen to learn more about the exhibitions they have put together via their patreon.

Endomorphism Virtual Tour
Listen to a tour of Endomorphism by RAFFMA's Education and Collections Coordinator - Diego Irigoyen.




California Dreaming: Who's the Dreamer, What's the Dream?
In conjunction with the Golden West? exhibition, RAFFMA hosted a panel discussion with co-curators Hanna Maria Sawka and Frank Boyer. They discussed the major events in the life and career of Jan Sawka and discuss the thematic threads woven together to create the fabric of Jan Sawka’s California Dream.

Made in California: Artists in Conversation Panel
A special event in conjunction with the exhibition, in which Wayne Shimabukuro and five of the artists in the exhibition: Blue McRight, HK Zamani, Hung Viet Nguyen, Monique Prieto and Phyllis Green will share their art and experiences in a fun and informal panel discussion.

Egyptian Spotlight: Hatep-heres
This statue of a little girl named Hetepheres stands in a place of prominence at the beginning of the exhibition Journey to the Beyond. It dates to the 5th Dynasty. And she was a real person who lived at some point around 2500-2400 BCE. Watch as RAFFMA Egyptologist provides the history and information about this object from the collection.

Renowned Egyptologist Kara Cooney to speak on Women and Power in Ancient Egypt
Renowned Egyptologist and best-selling author Kara Cooney examines the lives of six remarkable female pharaohs, from Hatshepsut to Cleopatra in her lecture “When Women Ruled the World”.
In this lecture Dr. Cooney looks at a time in ancient history when women ruled the world, focusing on the ancient Egyptian female rulers Merneith, Neferusobek, Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Tawosret, and Cleopatra. Often neglected in the history books, the lecture will explore why these women were considered exceptions to the rule and what was so special about ancient Egypt that provided women access to the highest political office. Cooney will discuss the undeniable power and influence of these women and what we can learn about how they ruled.
Collaboration between the American Research Center in Egypt, Orange County Chapter –ARCE-OC (lecture), The Bowers Museum (audio recording) and RAFFMA (Presentation).

Dreams & Memories: Jan Sawka, Coast to Coast: An online symposium celebrating two exhibitions of work by Jan Sawka
This event was live streamed on YouTube @RAFFMAcsusb
Separated by the whole of the country, two university art museums currently exhibiting the work of the late artist have joined together to present a symposium on his profoundly touching and, ultimately, humane work. Both museums, together with the exhibition curators, have partnered to create an online symposium. Viewers from around the world will be able to join in as symposium speakers consider Jan Sawka's life and achievement – and the connection of his career and art with California and New York – from several points of view, including the biographical, the historical, the technical, and the personal – yielding a composite portrait of this protean and visionary artist.

Voices of Ancient Palmyra Resounded
The location of ancient Palmyra finds itself in area of conflict and as a result, is inaccessible for research and archaeology. Additionally, this has resulted in the destruction of much of the sites ancient temples. Curator Carly Maris has been struck by this and in attempt to bring attention to and honor the site has invited the public to engage with the materials and information known about the site. This particular exhibition invited contemporary artists of San Bernardino County to respond to 3 different inscriptions from Palmyra.
This exhibition was present at RAFFMA during the Spring of 2019.

Art Professionals Hangout 
Friday, May 22, 2020 at 4 p.m.
All panelists will share their background and journey in their specific profession. This event will be an opportunity for emerging artists to gain valuable insight about the art world from multiple perspectives. Come prepared with some questions of your own for the panelists!

Journey to the Beyond: Ancient Egyptians in the Pursuit of Eternity
Virtual Exhibition Tour

Join Egyptologist Bryan Kraemer as we take you on a virtual journey. The Ancient Egyptians’ attitude toward life and death has been fascinating us for millennia. Their pursuit of the eternal existence and provisioning for the journey to the BEYOND is the story of this exhibition, which presents, in a new context, objects from RAFFMA’s permanent collection and on loan from Dr. Benson Harer.

A film by Eric Minh Swenson
EMS Legacy Films is a continuing series of short films produced by EMS on artists and exhibitions.

Tomb Robbery in Ancient Egypt
In partnership with Bowers Museum and American Research Center in Egypt Orange County (ARCE-OC), RAFFMA hosted a lecture by Dr. Kate Liszka.
Ancient Egyptians believed that their name, their body, and their memory needed to be preserved to ensure life after death. So that their memory would persevere for the rest of eternity, they were frequently buried in large visible tombs with the often-luxurious objects that they needed in the afterlife. These wealth-filled tombs acted like a beacon of opportunity for criminals. Learn how various tombs were broken into in antiquity, how the Egyptian designed their tombs in an attempt to ward off tomb robbers, and how the tomb robbers were tried and punished for their crimes.


Many may have little ones at home during this time or you may just be looking for some indoor activities. RAFFMA offers art activities along with each school group tour we offer but we have now made some of those activities available to you digitally!

Build your own Mini-Pyramid
Learn Hieroglyphs
and many more...



Take a look at what RAFFMA currently has on view but from the comfort of your home. RAFFMA also has an extensive online database of over 950 pieces! Browse and learn more about Ancient Egypt, Mediterranean, Asian Ceramic, African Art or Contemporary Art.

Current Exhibitions

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Egyptian Spotlight



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Endomorphism - Electric Contours 2-3

Endomorphism - Prevaricate (extended)

Made in California - Art + Photographic Portraits of Artists by Shimabukuro (Fall Exhibition)

Journey to the Beyond - RAFFMA's Egyptian Exhibition

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