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Master of Science in Logistics & E-Commerce Online


MS Logistics and ECommerce


Welcome to the Master of Science in Logistics and E-Commerce program!

The Master of Science in Logistics and E-commerce (MSLE) provides post-baccalaureate students pursuing a career in logistics and e-commerce with a high-quality graduate education. The aim is to educate post-baccalaureate students to be experts in the specialty fields of logistics and e-commerce within the major field of supply chain management.

MSLE is open to all qualified students regardless of undergraduate major. It is delivered through CEGE in an online accelerated format that consists of 10 courses (30 semester units). Cohorts will start in each Fall and Spring semester. A culminating experience project component will be offered as an element of the program to enhance the student experience.

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Logistics and E-Commerce are the backbones

of the local economy in the Inland Empire!

Logistics and e-commerce are the backbones of the local economy in the Inland Empire. The university is surrounded by e-commerce and logistics organizations that are searching for qualified talented graduate students who can help in creating value. According to the latest Inland Empire Quarterly Report published by the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, “the logistics industry added 53,000 new jobs in the region between 2011 and 2016, accounting for 23 percent of all jobs created in that period. For many Inland workers and families, the growth of this sector has been immensely beneficial.” (


Salary and Growth Projections
Job Title Median Salary 2020 Rate Per Hour Projected Growth 2019-2029 Projected Annual Job Openings 2019-2029
Logistics Manager $94,390 $45.54 4% to 14% 10,000
Procurement Manager $125,940 $60.55 3% to 8% 5,600
Supply Chain Manager $96,390 $46.34 4% to 14% 10,000
Supply Chain/Logistics Analyst $76,270 $36.67 3% to 9% 16,800
Distribution Manager $96,390 $46.34 4% to 14% 10,000
Warehouse Specialist $98,860 $47.53 8% to 16% 9,900
Online Merchant $77,420 $37.22 6% to 11% 128,000
Logistician $76,270 $36.67 4% to 9% 16,800
Logistics Engineer/Coordinator $76,270 $36.67 4% to 9% 16,800
Transportation Planners $87,260 $41.95 1% to 15% 3,600
Facilities Manager $98,890 $47.54 7% to 9% 26,300