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MSBDA Fees and Financing

Financing Your Graduate Education

How much does it cost?

The per-unit fee for the MS in Business Data Analytics (MSBDA) degree program is $1200. With 10 courses of 3 units each, the total fee for the program reaches $36,000. Textbooks are not included in the program fee, and are estimated at $100-$250 per course. Many of the software and application resources used in the program are available to students either through their classes or from the University. Course instructors will have more information about access.

Financial Aid

You can find several resources for funding your degree program. Click here to check out our Financing page. If you have questions about federal financial aid, contact our specific Financial Aid liaison, Nicolette Cusino at, Our FAFSA school code is 001142. As an 18-month program, the program crosses two academic years, which may aid with qualifying for federal financial aid via the FAFSA.

You may also explore your own financial institution for personal and education loans. We recommend you conduct an internet search for scholarships and see what turns up. Try your social and service clubs, many of which offer funding for continuing education. Check with your employer about professional development funds or tuition reimbursement payments. We can bill directly, or provide a statement of account if needed by your employer.

A unique partnership

The MS in Business Data Analytics program is administered by the College of Extended and Global Education. Our strength lies in our partnerships with the CSUSB Academic Departments, including our partner for this program, the Department of Information and Decision Sciences in the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration. Fees are unique to the MSBDA program and are subject to change.

Important Policies

While the MSBDA program is cohort based and students are expected to take all the courses with their cohort, sometimes students encounter uncontrollbable circumstances. For course drops, please be cognizant of our refund and drop policies.

Course Change and Refund Policy

100% refund, less administrative fee, if the course is dropped before the start date.

65% refund, less administrative fee, if the course is dropped on or before the census date.

No refund after the census date.

Class change fee

$25 This fee is applied to the student account for all course drops and changes once registered.