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Master of Science in Business and Data Analytics

Master of Science in Business and Data Analytics: 

a degree for 21st Century business professionals

Successful businesses employ data and models to make better decisions and gain a competitive advantage. Vast amounts of data related to customers, suppliers, operations, and financial transactions are collected from a variety of sources, often managed in diverse systems, by multiple stakeholders. Transforming this data into insights that enhance decision-making is a key challenge for businesses of every size, across all industries.                   

The MS in Business and Data Analytics program contains 10 courses including a capstone where students will apply their newly gained knowledge in a real-world business project. The rigorous curriculum will help students not just analyze data but understand it, translate it, and incorporate it into strategy at the top levels of their organizations.

An MS in Business and Data Analytics is for students who want:

  • a Master of Science degree in a high-demand and rapidly growing field
  • a degree program that promotes cultivating a culture of change and social responsibility
  • an education that prepares them for real world applied experience that blends concepts from business and data science geared towards business applications

Our unique curriculum creates data storytellers and business strategists prepared to make data-driven decisions that increase competitive business advantage. With this program, graduates will:

  • gain the technical analytical skills and business knowledge to better address business challenges and create strategic solutions
  • use data analytics to understand the business operating environment
  • employ data analytics techniques and tools to make informative business decisions

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Connect your experience with a cutting-edge degree to Define Your Future

This fully online program, geared for working professionals, is offered 100% online and can be completed in 18 months. It recognizes the real-world need for experts in different business disciplines including healthcare, cybersecurity, marketing, supply chain, and information systems. Students with some work experience, as well as those just completing their undergraduate degrees will find pathways to career futures.

Some possible job titles waiting for students who complete the degree:

  • Data Analyst 
  • Business Analyst
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Analytics Manager, Data Scientist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Reporting Analyst
  • Data Consultant
  • Manager of Analytics and Decision Support
  • Healthcare Data Analyst
  • HR Data Analyst
  • Big Data and Analytics Consultant
  • Financial Data Analyst

Job Opportunities and Salaries

The state of California is reported to have a higher number of job opportunities than other states for business and data analysts due to the high number of businesses with a focus on technology. But wherever you plan to seek employment, Business and Data Analytics professionals are in high demand because data analyst jobs are expected to increase across the US 25% between 2019-2029. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

This is a graph showing $98,614 as the average annual salary for data analytics professionals in the United States.

Salaries of Business and Data Analytics positions in the top 10 cities in the US (where such jobs are abundant)

Salaries of Business and Data Analytics jobs in the top 10 US cities
City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay

Hourly Wage

San Mateo CA $119,784 $9982 $2304 $57.59
Berkeley CA $115,596 $9633 $2223 $55.58
Daly City CA $115,272 $9606 $2217 $55.42
Richmond CA $112,518 $9377 $2164 $55.10
Irvine CA $111,834 $9320 $2151 $53.77
Odessa TX $110,090 $9174 $2117 $52,93
Stamford CT $109,564 $9130 $2107 $52.67
Orange CA $109,253 $9104 $2101 $52.53
Bellevue WA $109,253 $9104 $2101 $52.53
San Francisco CA $109,040 $9087 $2097 $52.42

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