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HP B04: Biomechanics Lab

HP B04: Biomechanics Lab

The biomechanics lab is located in the basement of the Health and PE Complex. Our students utilize this space for their biomechanics lab course and physical activity of aging course. We have advanced equipment to measure motion in 3D, balance, running and walking gait characteristics, and jumping performance, just to name a few.

Biomechanics Lab Desks, chairs, screen projector

Biomechanics Lab Treadmill, bench press against far wall

Non-Motorized treadmill


HP B04 Video 1 transcript

HP B04 is a biomechanics lab which is located in the basement of the hp building our students utilize this space for the biomechanics lab course and physical activity of aging course we have advanced equipment to measure motion in 3d balance running and walking gait characteristics and jumping performance just to name a .few

HP B04 Video 2

Biodex Balance system measures individuals balance and stability. 

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HP B04 Video 3

<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch Vertical Jump YouTube Video</a>

Vertical jump test is used to test and individuals lower body performance. 

HP B04 Video 4

The Y-Balance test is a field test to assess balance.

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HP B04 Video 4

The Non-motorized treadmill assesses an individual’s walking and running kinetics and kinematics. 

HP B04 Video 5

The 3D motion capture system allows us to assess movement in 3D motion in several joints in the body.

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